How to become a teacher?
Make sure that you are suitable for the role of a teacher


  • You know the subject at a high level
  • You are ready to work in the project for at least three months
  • You know how to work in a team
  • You are ready to devote time to preparing for lessons and conducting them regularly
  • You have a lot of desire to help others!
Submit an application below
Take it seriously, this is the first stage of selection.
Pass an interview
If you successfully pass the first stage, within two weeks after submitting the application the adviser of the selected direction will message and appoint an interview with you.
Start classes!
If you successfully pass the second stage of the selection, our curator will tell you in detail about the system of work in the project, find a suitable student and connect you with them.
Become a teacher
Share your knowledge!

Olympiad direction
You can become a teacher of the Olympiad direction if you are:
- participant, prize-winner or winner of the final stage of All-Russian School Olympiad
- prize-winner or winner of Olympiads of the 1st or 2nd level
Become a teacher
of the Olympiad direction
Help to win an olympiad!
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